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Airline security expert John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) takes on a ruthless terrorist group who have taken over a flight to Los Angeles with more than 200 passengers on board.

Passenger 57 was clearly made to capitalise on the success of the action movie "Die Hard" and the hype it made around action hero movies involving terrorists. Rather than being a cash-cow piece of garbage, Passenger 57 is a solid action movie that is fast paced and entertains throughout. Alike many films in the genre it's rather shallow in back story and character development, however this doesn't detract from it being a good watch. Snipes does a great job of leading role and the rest of the characters were well cast, my only criticism is that the director didn't give any of them aside from Cutter any good scenes.

Reviewed on July 18, 2017

A drone operator (Sean Bean) working classified covert operations for the CIA meets an illusive Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui) who's family was killed by collateral damage in a missile strike a year earlier.

Sean Bean basically carried this movie from the beginning however no matter how talented he is "Drone" could not be saved from it's constant desire to teach the audience about the morals of modern warfare, lacklustre climaxes and droning on in a dull fashion.

It is worth watching for Beans' acting but thats about it really.

Reviewed on July 16, 2017

Two twenty something sisters take a vacation in Mexico to get away from their hectic lives back in the United States. While they are there they decide to go on an "unofficial" shark caging trip which quickly turns sour as the cable attaching the cage to the boat fails and they find themselves trapped in the dark, 47 meters below the surface in shark infested waters.

47 meters down has received relatively little main stream attention, undeservedly however in my opinion as it's a really good movie. The sequence when the cage falls to the ocean bed is particularly frightening and director Johannes Roberts did a great job of capturing the horror of falling into the darkness of the abyss. As far as character development goes is not that good however one does find themselves routing for the girls to survive the situation that has been bestowed upon them. While the girls are trying to survive the story does not get stale as there are plenty of scary scenes with jump scares galore.

A good popcorn horror flick that does make any false promises.

Reviewed on July 14, 2017

Two hitmen find their ultimatum. Easily one of the most under-rated British movies of this decade. A very atmospheric horror film with a great story and great acting as well as some very dark themes.

Reviewed on July 13, 2017

Like all "The Mummy" movies this one attempts to pass off like it bears some resemblance to ancient events. However that is not the reason why we love the franchise, its because of the witty dialog, scary moments and great action sequences. Without doubt the 2017 "The Mummy" lives up to all of these expectations.

Of course it would have been great if Brendan Fraser was in this movie as I am sure die-hard fans of the first two films would agree. Tom Cruise however did an awesome job of playing the lead role and made it entertaining throughout. "The Mummy" really does take you into "A new world of gods and monsters" and has many thrilling scenes.

If you are looking for a fun adventure and can take the story with a pinch of salt then you will no doubt love the latest mummy movie. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on July 12, 2017

Living up to the action fantasy thriller genre.

The Mummy still delivering the action-packed corniness as the previous movies. There's not much I can go into detail about this as it's what you can imagine from a Hollywood blockbuster with Tom Cruise.

The acting.. corny as hell
The story.. Bland as [email protected]! sprinkled with hints of Egyptian history

But I enjoyed it!!
Overall I found it entertaining and you get to experience the inside of Tom Cruise's mind!

When did Russell Crowe act in movies again wtf?

Reviewed on July 11, 2017

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