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Chelah Horsdal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chelah Horsdal (born June 19, 1973) is a Canadian actress and model. show more..


1973-06-19 - She is 44 years old




Vancouver Island - British Columbia - Canada



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movie poster for Rise of the Planet of the Apes
movie poster for If I Stay
movie poster for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem
movie poster for The Pink Panther
movie poster for Passengers
movie poster for Altitude

Movie career

Candiland (2016)

There is no time in here
Vote count 1 Vote avg 10/10 Watch trailer

If I Stay (2014)

Live for Love.
Vote count 1,061 Vote avg 7.2/10 Watch trailer

Kill for Me (2013)

What wouldn't you do for your roommate?
Vote count 34 Vote avg 5.5/10 Watch trailer

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Evolution Becomes Revolution.
Vote count 3,234 Vote avg 7/10 Watch trailer

Altitude (2010)

Don't Look Down.
Vote count 69 Vote avg 4.9/10 Watch trailer

The Client List (2010)

A mother will do anything for her family.
Vote count 35 Vote avg 5/10 Watch trailer

The Tortured (2010)

How far would you go?
Vote count 41 Vote avg 5.4/10 Watch trailer

Mrs. Miracle (2009)

Vote count 18 Vote avg 5.3/10 Watch trailer

Possession (2009)

What if the person you loved became someone else?
Vote count 30 Vote avg 5.2/10 Watch trailer

Helen (2009)

Recurence of mental illness cripples successful woman.
Vote count 10 Vote avg 6.3/10 Watch trailer

Passengers (2008)

The line between this world and the next is about to be crossed
Vote count 165 Vote avg 5.6/10 Watch trailer

Gym Teacher: The Movie (2008)

Vote count 2 Vote avg 3/10 Watch trailer

Elegy (2008)

Vote count 60 Vote avg 6.5/10 Watch trailer

Past Lies (2008)

Vote count 1 Vote avg 4/10 Watch trailer

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

The Last Place On Earth We Want To Be Is In The Middle
Vote count 567 Vote avg 4.9/10 Watch trailer

The Pink Panther (2006)

Pardon His French.
Vote count 434 Vote avg 5.5/10 Watch trailer